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There are more than 120+ million logos designed that are archived!

Jan 26, 2022

We knew the pain, we knew the challenges, we experienced the unpleasant feeling of giving effort in something that isn’t gonna last long. This drained our energy instead of putting all of that determination into working on other important tasks.

Hence, we developed Logo to Use, a source for cool & dummy logo solution.

What is Logo to Use

Being so, and on the other hand comprehending the potential of designers, we couldn’t stand longer without doing something in changing the situation for the community of designers.

The Unsplash for Logos. A platform with upcoming millions of logos, from designers all around the world.

A platform that will revolutionize the speed and efficiency of designers' work.

We built one of the platforms that will be a reference for finding unique, high-quality, fake, and dummy logos for daily usage by the community of designers. 

All these logos are FREE to be used by individuals and agencies as long as they are intended for temporary usage. Otherwise, they need to be significantly changed in order to be used as new real brands.

Other than creating the infrastructure for the community of designers, we wanted to contribute first by designing some logos especially for Logo to Use and are honored that we did it.

Thusly, we designed 50 unique logos which are of high quality and they are ready to be used by the community on their project, for free.

Why we build Logo to Use

The core idea of bringing Logo to Use into life and making it possible for the community was to solve one struggle that designers continuously face on finding perfect dummy designs for their projects.

The second issue we wanted to tackle was to help designers share their previous work which didn’t have the chance to get to the public and make them available for community use and inspiration.

The Problem

Working in the industry of design is a special and unique experience, but as always everything has its drawbacks. 

In the design world, not everything that has to be designed is going to be used as brand design which will last longer, and hence you will be able to see the work that you have done.

On the other side, designers are obliged to find a solution for their website placeholders, such as brand logos, client or partnership logos, certificates earned, or other temporary logo designs for mobile applications, mockups, etc. 

Facing this challenge, designers have only two choices;

  1. Put a lot of effort into designing unique fake logos, white, black, or colored since it needs to fit the overall design project. In this case, designers are obliged to pay extra attention to avoid the violation of copyright.
  2. The next option is to go and search for a free and fake logo to use it as a dummy design. This isn’t such a bad solution, right? The cons of this solution are that there are too many sources with limited solutions, and few of them even need to ask for permission to use them in designs as dummy logos.
The solution

Finding all the needed materials that would help you do your job better, faster, easier is something that every one of us wants.

With this in mind, we created the Logo to Use. Become one and the only one needed source address of logos that designers need.

We started Logo to Use by contributing first ourselves by designing 50 unique logos, black, white, and colored ready for usage by the community, with no needed prior permission or any charge included.

Secondly, we want to entice all the community of designers who have designs staying in their archives (we know you have :D) to share them with the community and help them achieve more.

As a rule, we know that helping others is helping ourselves, it’s just that we can’t see it immediately. 

Logo to Use potential

We are expecting that Logo to Use will be a platform with over 120 Million unique unused logos, designed by real designers.

This is nuts. Can it be real?

Well, they already exist, it’s just that they are sleeping under the dust of designers' archives.

How do you know this?

Our team behind Logo to Use was driven by prior research on the industry and we were amazed by the outcomes.

We combined stats from the designers' activities and the entrepreneur market trends.

We included only 10 countries in our research that we thought that are putting a lot on entrepreneurship during the last 2 years. What we found out is that there are more than 10 Million new businesses only in these countries. 

Among all these newly established businesses, approximately 80% of them will own a logo.

The crazy thing is that the average number of designs proposed to a business is 4 variations of logo designs. 

From them, 1 is taken and the rest are buried in the archives. According to many designers, they stated that they don’t delete their designs never.

Nevertheless, we calculated only the last 5 years with the abovementioned stats of new businesses from these top 10 countries and we got to the crazy number of +120 Million archived logos ready to help the community.

Exchange your archived designs with other designers around the world and help yourself by helping others.

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